Les saveurs sauvages


Les saveurs sauvages is more than a business selling Nature's products. It is a repertoire of textures, tastes, colors, which we bring directly from the fields, our forests, the sea, into your kitchens to allow you to satisfy your astronomical customer base with flavors contained only in products that come from wild environments. Since 1999, the company has developed its expertise in the collection and distribution of products derived from wild plants.

Our concern for finding sites outside polluted areas, our care to carry out the pickings while respecting the environment and the woods containing vulnerable or threatened species give our products a label of quality and safety for consumption. In addition to this, the selection and training of pickers is a priority to ensure the quality and legality of our fresh products.

Les saveurs sauvages, in partnership with companies specializing in processing, offers you a variety of canned, pickled, dehydrated products and flower syrups that will allow you to have all four seasons flavors at your table.

We invite you to visit our universe of products from the forest Terroir, the regions of the lower St-Lawrence river, from the Gaspesie with its seaside plants (sea asparagus, purslane, parsley ...), as well as mushrooms (morel, chanterelle) , crab mushroom) picked from all over Quebec.